What is GSA?

Stands abbreviated as GENERAL SALES AGENT (general sales Agent) this service is provided to Airlines and interlineas. Through the service GSA we sell all products of the airline in the country which includes tickets and cargo space. A GSA normally sell the product of more than one airline. The airlines often use GSA's because it allows them to have a greater presence at the time of selling in a country at a lower cost to open your own commercial office in the short term.

What is this service?


The services of a General Sales Agent behave solutions made to measure for airlines, including the provision of marketing tools that are efficient, methods of sales of proactive and other services personalized to you both agree and are required to increase the public presence of the services of the airline, its commercial expansion and deal with the individual needs of the passengers.


Performance of the functions of a GSA:

  • Ensures maximum benefit and productivity through the implementation of business strategies, coordinated and recommending necessary changes in the business strategies to develop, manage and deploy their marketing plans, according to the general strategy that is agreed with the company.
  • Monitors the market in detail and continually researching the activities of the competition and recommending necessary changes in the business strategies and the activities of sales/marketing, with the aim of securing a commercial growth in the long term.
  • The continuous search for improvement of the processes, systems and technologies for business to ensure the achievement of objectives in the most productive way for the airline represented.
  • Organize, implement, and manage all forms of legal activity, documentation and forms of aviation, correspondence with the passenger in the native language of the countries represented, management of airports, assistance to passengers, reservations, and services tariff and flight tracking.


What is GHS?

The abbreviation stands for GENERAL HANDLING SERVICE (General Service on the Ground). This service is addressed to the Airline or companies that need to meet a flight that will land at the international Airport or to load or unload a Truck, Labeling, loading, Packing. All this can be done in the central Air for the companies or on the runway, in the case of the Airline and Maritime Freight.

This service is one of which as a company we continue to develop. Many times they do not come with the customization of customer support or do not care much when they are minimum volumes to their standards.


How does this service work?

As in Air service, All the contacts are on the outer and some internal. We contacted various Agents in China, for example, They perform the logistics at the origin, and we do the logistics here in Nicaragua, this as an example of an import cargo.

In the case of Export shipments, we Work with all shipping lines Operating in Nicaragua, In the same way with different Stores and carriers.

What is included in this service?

Logistics in general Origin and destination, Such as Documentation, print of BL, Freight transport, Desaduana (If the client requires), tax Payments and many more things