The maritime transport is currently the main means of transportation for international trade. The use of freight containers for the transport of goods is widely used in all kinds of industries, for example: for the transportation of food and drinks, in the construction sector, in the automotive industry, aerospace, fashion, oil and energy. Nicaragua has a geographical position very important for the international trade, as access to both oceans, so that makes it a key country for the international maritime transport between the ports on the american continent and geographical areas such as Asia and Europe.

In GLOBELINES we have the experience and infrastructure necessary to meet all your needs of international transport by sea. We provide the service of freight of goods, more flexible and safe on the modalities of shipping Container Full (FCL) or shipping Container Sharing (LCL). Our prices for shipping are the most competitive in the market.

We offer:


  • Service of international maritime transport suited to the needs of every type of cargo, customer, and/or negotiation of purchase and sale.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Services of Customs Clearance national.
  • Web Service Tracking Logistics.
  • Contributions of international maritime shipping in less than 24 hours (Port-Port).
  • Service FCL and LCL


Basically, you have two ways to transport your cargo in a container.

FCL (Full Container Load) offers you the possibility to send their cargo in a container that will be used exclusively to transport their goods. It is the better option with larger volumes of cargo or in case of heavy loads, delicate or valuable.

LCL (Less than Container Load) is as a container garbage collector. Your goods share the container with other cargo. In this way, you can hire exactly the space that your cargo needs. We will be happy to help you to choose the mode that best suits your shipping.

FCL and LCL: when is the best one modality or the other

As a general rule, the FCL are suitable for large volumes. The sender loaded the container, and the recipient downloads it. In this case, depending on the business operation, our client has the possibility to choose between a variety of services and, for example, choose the first boat to go to sail, the cheapest or the fastest.

LCL worth, with shipments of smaller size. This mode allows us to combine shipments of multiple clients. Thus, the costs of maritime transport can be shared among multiple clients. The load will be taken to a warehouse, it is placed in the container according to the regulations for maritime and transport you to the boat. At the port of destination, will open the container and shipments unit will be transported to the intended destination. For certain commercial operations, we provide options LCL-Express.

For example, if a customer needs to ship an urgent delivery from Shanghai to New York, the cargo will send by sea to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and from there are transported by truck to New York. In this way, the time limits are reduced in comparison with a transport only by sea. In addition, this modality fast is cheaper to send the goods by air transport.