Competitive rates, advice for clients-ups that wish to export their products abroad, airlines, international freight service, Import fees, customs release of goods at the border by Air, Sea, Land.
We are agents representation of airlines operationally in Nicaragua, managing the Logistics on the ground, with qualified people in the area. Our co-working with airlines interlineales, is an important role to ensure our customers options of routes intercontinental, which plays an important role in the international trade of Nicaragua.
The difference of our services, is based on providing routes and destinations, which, at the time, were difficult to connect or reach. The client will be able to have alternatives, which Globe Lines with multiple airlines and destinations. Your shipment can be insured, as we have cargo insurance international. Our main objective is to open borders and trade to flow without borders.
Yes, any natural or legal person may make your shipments to any place abroad.
Of course, if your goods need a service that is multimodal, we as a company we offer you a wide variety of services, that are not only from the air freight, but we have connection with the other countries to be able to move their cargo, according to customer needs.
We have the highly qualified staff to be able to advise you, so that there is a direct communication between you as the client and us, where we can offer you different options to move your cargo, so that you will be more feasible and economical, our mission is to help you. If you as a new exporter is not registered in the relevant institutions to make the process of export, Globe Lines, you can advise you to make all the appropriate arrangements.
For the safety and confidence that you provide - For continuous monitoring. - Our agile and fast
-Rates of air freight. -Assemblage customs. -Consulting -Packaging and packing
We are currently working with Local Airlines such as UPS, AMERIJET, CUP CHARGE, and AVianca Cargo we Also have variety of interlineas Such as , British, BRIGER CHARGE,QATAR,EMIRATES,VIRGIN ATLANTIC and more
Our staff is highly qualified to give you advice about how you can move your load in an agile, fast and secure.
Atreves de nuestra página web: http: https://globelines.net/contacto
You May Obtain information through our customer service and through our web page which will show you in real time the movement of your freight.
Can you insure your shipment optionally, If you want to offer them a variety of insurance, ranging from a partial insurance to a total of shipment.

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