In GLOBELINE we offer our customers the facility to international shipments. That's why we have designed a service of transportation international air very comprehensive and flexible, which can be tailored to the specific needs of export air. No matter the type of product that you want to send, we can guarantee you a space in the cargo planes of our various commercial airlines, to ensure that your goods arrive on time to your final destination.

We have a wide network of alliances and contacts with various international airlines and companies in the rest of the world that allow us to carry their loads to any part of the world. We offer a wide range of air transport services customized to ensure the delivery of your international shipments. Our team of professionals in logistics will help you to design the best strategy of air transport for your goods with the most competitive rates in the industry.

We offer a full range of solutions:

  • Air transport services of international cargo.
  • Air transport of export of General Cargo and Perishable.
  • Routes and international connections.
  • Distribution Logistics in Miami, and London.
  • Tracking and tracing of sent.
  • Courier

Our Staff is highly qualified to help you design a customized strategy that will ensure that your air shipments are made the way more fast, safe and reliable. Our team of specialists in air transport will look for technical solutions, and operational cost-effective, in addition to manage and resolve any issues that may arise in the logistics chain.

Our main goal is to find logistics solutions at affordable prices to meet the needs of import and export for our customers. In addition, as the value added at each stage of the logistics chain, we have warehouse to receive the national products that will be exported by our customers.

Our team Staff is ready to respond to every entry of cargo to the customs, in addition to personalized attention to the customs agents to support the operation of dispatch and delivery of your cargo.