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Customs Management


-Smooth customs clearance saves time and money-

When importing and exporting goods and merchandise from a customs zone, customs and taxes must be processed for the goods; only then can they enter the free movement of goods. Whether you want to export goods from domestic territory to foreign territory, import goods from foreign territory to domestic territory, or choose completely different transport routes, your goods must pass through customs control in the country of export and import. But each country has its own rules depending on customs treaties. As a global logistics provider operating in international trade, our customs experts know the laws and regulations of every country we export to or import from, so you can take care of business.

Customs and the time factor

Customs clearance is a critical time factor in the transport chain. Delays in the supply chain incur costs. That is why, if required, we carry out customs clearance while the goods are still on their way. For this purpose, we prepare the customs clearance. When they arrive at their destination, our experienced customs brokers carry out the clearance without delay and the goods can be put into free circulation.

Customs advice: overview of deadlines and costs

Our customs experts take care of the correct notification to customs and clearance of goods. This not only avoids delays, but also unnecessary costs and fees. In addition, there are many processing options that the experts know how to handle. In addition, they know how to identify the risks to be avoided.

Our global experts will take care of your local processing.

We are a company that carries out air exports, carrying out intermodal logistics. We offer you a personalized service with a Team with extensive experience in Air Cargo and integrated logistics to simplify the most tedious processes in this commercial sector.

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