Air freight enables nations, regardless of their geographic location, to effectively connect with distant markets and global supply chains quickly and reliably. This is critical to the implementation of international business best practices, including just-in-time inventory management and on-demand production. Air cargo services are a major enabler of economic progress in developing countries, connecting markets […]


GLOBELINES offers transportation of perishable products, with specialized agents. Which meet quality standards for the attention and offer of services and solutions of Air and Ocean Transportation for the perishable industry for export. We have specialized and highly qualified personnel at origin and destination for the handling of: Food. Fresh and frozen cargo. Flowers. Agricultural […]

Air shipment logistics.

In Globelines thanks to the strategic alliances with which the company, has the facility to transport by airline your products to anywhere in the world. Our transportation logistics is quite broad and flexible allowing us to adapt to any customer’s needs. The purpose is to seek customer satisfaction under a unique experience for all exporters […]


General Cargo It does not require any special treatment, such as controlled temperature or packaging with specialized details for its transportation. It is also considered as Dry cargo, which can be stored and transported in the same Aircraft, without causing any damage.   Perishable Cargo These shipments are considered high care due to their nature. […]

Air France Suspends Flights To China, Japan And Korea Until New Routes Are Available.

The airline Air France announced Sunday that it will temporarily suspend its flights to China and Japan while it finds alternative routes to overflight over the country of Russia. The airline, which had already suspended flights to Kiev since last 21st, decided today to suspend destinations to the territory of Russia or overflight through airspace, […]

World’s Longest Passenger Flight To Avoid Russian Skies

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. plans to reroute its service between New York and Hong Kong to avoid Russian airspace, in what would be the world’s longest commercial passenger flight in terms of distance. The airline plans to take off from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, the […]

Air Cargo Supply Chain Overview

Freight supply chains, the process of transporting shipments from their place of origin to their destination, are often complex and subject to a wide range of regulatory requirements, especially when they involve international movements and transport by air. Air cargo has very different physical characteristics and values. It can originate almost anywhere in the world […]