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Air shipment logistics.

In Globelines thanks to the strategic alliances with which the company, has the facility to transport by airline your products to anywhere in the world. Our transportation logistics is quite broad and flexible allowing us to adapt to any customer’s needs.

The purpose is to seek customer satisfaction under a unique experience for all exporters of Nicaragua that can be adapted to the requirements they seek. Therefore, the internal and external airlines of the country allow us to establish routes to get your products on time.

The logistics of connection to the whole world begins in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, where different interlines that operate within the country to the exterior are used, such is the case of the following airlines:


In case your destination is in USA, EUROPE, ASIA we use the following interlines:

Allowing us to establish routes with the best costs to reach all countries in the world.

Our logistic works in the following way according to the graph. First we verify the destination of the cargo to analyze a series of routes that allow the cargo to reach its destination, for this we list all the airlines of that destination and we look for a stopover where we can move the cargo from the Nicaraguan airline. It is essential that this analysis takes into account the factors of delivery time, costs, safety and integrity of the freight.

The advantage of this modality is that it allows the customer to have a better option for the convenience of exporting products to other countries, so that he can validate if he requires a fast shipment without stopover or verify the number of stopovers to improve the export price.

We are a company that carries out air exports, carrying out intermodal logistics. We offer you a personalized service with a Team with extensive experience in Air Cargo and integrated logistics to simplify the most tedious processes in this commercial sector.

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