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General Cargo

It does not require any special treatment, such as controlled temperature or packaging with specialized details for its transportation.

It is also considered as Dry cargo, which can be stored and transported in the same Aircraft, without causing any damage.


Perishable Cargo

These shipments are considered high care due to their nature.

They are Fruits, Vegetables, Seafood, and Plants, which require meticulous care in handling.

They must be kept in specific areas only for this type of product.

For this type of product, it is handled at temperatures that the customer has specified to the airlines.

Deliveries must be made no later than 72 hours after boarding at origin.


High Value Cargo

These shipments are of utmost importance, they cannot travel combined with other cargo.

They must travel separately in BINES from aircraft and specific cargo.

They must be guarded by the security company of the office center.

To the air hub, then must be scanned by X-ray, then taken to the airstrip, boarded at the BIN, then taken to the airfield, boarded at the BIN.

Air, boarded at the specified BIN. All this under guard.

Cargo such as; Gold, Diamonds, Money, Precious Jewelry, Rare Metals, Anything considered of high value.

Special/Fragile Cargoes

These cargoes require extreme care because they are fragile.

Such as, Handicrafts, Paintings, Glassware, Porcelain etc.

We are a company that carries out air exports, carrying out intermodal logistics. We offer you a personalized service with a Team with extensive experience in Air Cargo and integrated logistics to simplify the most tedious processes in this commercial sector.

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